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“Insightful, practical, heartfully and psychologically sound, The Pathway to Love provides the steppingstones to creating genuine love in your life.  It is a must-read for those who value honesty, authentic commitment to self and other, and appreciate relationship as a vehicle to self-actualization.”

—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


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You will wonder at times how she knew about you and a particular significant other because she seems to describe you and the relationship to a T. And, when you read the last page you will wish you had read it years and a number of relationships earlier.

Irene Conlan

I have read other books on this topic which spoke to me... This book, which I got in the Kindle version, pulled it all together for me--the biology, personal values, self identity, the human quest for belonging and intimacy. The book... brought to me great understanding. I wish I had ordered the paper version with the workbook. I ended up going back and ordering it.

Paula Markgraf Katz

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Do your relationships enhance your life or drain you? Do they mirror what you need to see? In my dynamic interactive talk, I will empower you to create the relationships you want and demonstrate how your relationships can reveal the perfect conditions from which to heal, grow and transform your life.

When your relationships work, everything in your life works better, and my breakthrough talk will empower you, your employees, members and congregants with the know-how to create powerful, transformational relationships that make your organization, business and community thrive. A sought-after speaker, facilitator, and agent of change, I use the art of storytelling to bring my concepts to life in a way that is engaging and life-changing. Participants take away concrete communication tools that can be used immediately to improve their relationships at home and work and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the significant people in their lives. I promise you will leave inspired and motivated to navigate your relationships successfully toward a life filled with joy, love, health and well-being.

Below, please find a sample of my offerings. These topics can be delivered as keynotes or break-outsessions and workshops.


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“Julie Orlov’s presentation style is energetic and engaging—she gets the audience involved so that her suggestions and direction can be tailored to the needs of the audience she is trying to reach.” —Karen Holt, Bezaire and Associates

Keynote presentations include:

The Pathway to Love: Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships through Self-Discovery 

In her dynamic, keynote presentation, Julie Orlov reveals how relationships grow from beginnings to true intimacy in four phases. She will not only empower you to create the relationship you want but demonstrates how your relationships mirror what you need to see, thereby providing the perfect conditions to heal, grow, and transform. Read more...

Turning Conflicts into Powerful Solutions

Conflicts are part of life ─ and part of relationships ─ but when you're in conflict with someone, it often turns into a power struggle, anger, and disconnection. What you may not know is that it doesn't have to be that way, for conflict can offer us many gifts ─ things to learn about ourselves and the people we live and work with. Conflicts allow us to get to know each other in a more profound and authentic way. Understanding the nature of conflicts enables you to transform them into opportunities for creative problem solving and effective relationship building. Using Julie's unique STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN method, you'll learn how to create trust, creativity, and connection from conflicting moments. When you can do this, your relationships with others become transformational and you find win-win-win solutions. Read more...

Reclaiming Your Power

Success comes from making decisions and taking action from a place of power, and genuine power is created by establishing healthy boundaries. To accomplish this, you first need to identify the values, needs, and goals that comprise your boundaries. This presentation is highly participative, and you'll learn a specific process for “Reclaiming Your Power.” Read more...

Contact Julie at julie@julieorlov.com or call 888-997-2847 (1-888-99PATHS) or click here for a full list of presentation offerings. She is able to customize her presentations to meet the specific needs of your organization and audience.

Clients include:



The Los Angeles Times, Behavioral Health Services, American Medical Response, The City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Works, LifeSteps Foundation, American Society for Training and Development, The Growing Place, The Syntax Group, LimmudLA, and many other corporations and organizations. Her radio appearances include The Les Brown Show, The Aware Show, The Self-Improvement Show, Tron in the Morning, The Mancow Muller Show, and many others, and she has been featured on The Sunday Morning Show on ABC-TV.  

What people are saying...

“Julie is an elegant speaker who gives good practical advice on all kinds of relationships. Her years of study and practice are apparent in the content of her talk and her delivery is very professional. I would highly recommend Julie as a Sunday morning speaker. Her workshop, which followed was well attended considering it was Super Bowl Sunday and those who participated found it informative and useful.

─ Bev Conover, Church Administrator, Redondo Beach Center for Spiritual Living

Julie is a great communicator and facilitator. I am still amazed at how her program, The Pathway to Love, is impacting my life on a daily basis. After one short yet powerful workshop, my awareness of both myself and my husband related to our methods of connecting with one another has increased to the point where I believe that real progress can be made. Her approach to understanding and improving relationships is easy to implement and I noticed results from the very first time I used some of the tools – and I’m just beginning the process. Thank you, from one Julie to another – I am now confident that I can have a better relationship with my husband, and I am grateful! “

–Julie Jennings, Partner, Shirlaws

“Julie Orlov is a talented facilitator, diagnostician, teacher and agent of change. She provides a forum for active participation, for real-time information processing and for discussing issues that participants face in their current work environment. We continue to use her services…”

─ Louise Langerud, LMFT, Director of Training, Clinical, and Quality Management, Life Steps Foundation

Attending this introductory workshop was like seeing the tip of an iceberg - only a beginning of what lies underneath.   The workbook is filled with excellent exercises and explanations that cause real reflection and revelation - a first step in moving forward in any relationship.  Julie Orlov shows an excellence in teaching, explaining, and sharing that is down to earth, very real, and comforting based on her 25+ years experience.  Her coaching and counseling help participants identify how to resolve the issues that they each have.  Whether you have relationship issues or not, and whether they are with a spouse, child, parent or friend, Julie’s wisdom is pertinent and applicable.

-Mike Farmer, President, MNSA Channels

"It was such a pleasure to enjoy your company and wisdom at my women's group last week.  We all so enjoyed what you taught us about relationships and creating intimacy out of disappointments.  You have a truly unique way of getting right to the heart of the matter of a person's concerns and expressing the truth to them in a way that is kind and compassionate, almost waking the person out of their denial or emotions to understand what they are really feeling and make a choice to change. I was really surprised to see how many of the ladies were deeply affected by your stories and teachings and can only imagine how much of a positive effect you have had on all of our lives in only one short evening.

I really appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule and driving so far to enrich our lives.  I really love these women and was very moved to see your positive effect on so many of them."

--With sincerest appreciation, Ellen Bullock  www.wonderfulonlinewomenLA.com

“Julie receives rave reviews about the classes she facilitates for us. We hear nothing but positive feedback from our clients.”  

─ Nancy Kane, Claremont EAP Senior Account Manager

Want another preview of Julie live? Check out this recording of Julie speaking on a local radio program. Listen here.

Call today for your free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss how to ensure a fantastic outcome for your audience and explore what topic might be right for you. Don't wait to call, engagements are limited and I would love to help transform the lives and minds of your group. Feel free to send any questions to julie@julieorlov.com or call 888-997-2847.