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“Insightful, practical, heartfully and psychologically sound, The Pathway to Love provides the steppingstones to creating genuine love in your life.  It is a must-read for those who value honesty, authentic commitment to self and other, and appreciate relationship as a vehicle to self-actualization.”

—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


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You will wonder at times how she knew about you and a particular significant other because she seems to describe you and the relationship to a T. And, when you read the last page you will wish you had read it years and a number of relationships earlier.

Irene Conlan

I have read other books on this topic which spoke to me... This book, which I got in the Kindle version, pulled it all together for me--the biology, personal values, self identity, the human quest for belonging and intimacy. The book... brought to me great understanding. I wish I had ordered the paper version with the workbook. I ended up going back and ordering it.

Paula Markgraf Katz

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When Do I Speak Up and When Do I Keep Quiet? 

People get excited when they meet someone new. We put on our best "face" and watch our p's and q's. We don't want to share too much too soon for fear of judgment and rejection. And in some respects, this is wise. The beginning of a relationship is devoted to having fun and getting to know someone slowly over time. I know for me that if I knew some things about my husband when we first went out that I know now, I might have sent him packing. But as we get to know someone in the fullness of who they are, we understand things that occurred in their lives within a greater context. Too much too soon can be a bad thing. TMI is sometimes very real.

On the other hand, we should never give our power away for fear of judgment and rejection. We hold back from speaking out early on in our relationships when it is not in our best interest. We hold back from sharing our truth even in well established relationships and lose ourselves because of it. We give our power away too often and too easily. There are circumstances from which we should never let fear of judgment, rejection or ridicule silence us. 

These include (Click Read in Browser to access this important information!)

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Managing Your Expectations this Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is behind us and I hope all of you had a great holiday weekend.

Whether you spend this holiday with family, shopping or getting caught up with rest, I hope that you are not left with a lot of disappointment his Monday morning.  Some of you may be feeling the post-holiday blues—maybe your family gathering was filled with too much (or too little) drama; maybe the weekend was more stressful than you wanted, or may be what you thought would happen did not and you were feeling along and disappointed.

If you fall into any of these categories, don’t fret. You’re not alone. As a therapist, my busiest time of the year is the post-holiday season. Spending time with family or wishing you had more time with family, seems to trigger a lot.  Disappointments are at the top of the list. And all the disappointments can be traced back to expectations. So here’s some suggestions to help you manage your expectations as you continue to navigate the holiday season.

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Before you do, I just want to remind you that my holiday gift to you is a 20% discount for purchasing The Pathway to Love program, designed to help you create strong and intimate relationships whether you currently have one or are currently looking for a new and wonderful love. Simply enter the special code Gratitude and order your copy today!

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A Good Relationship is...

A good relationship is not a destination, a good relationship is a process. When you understand how relationships develop over time and what issues to address and how to address them effectively, you become proficient in the process of relationship building. Once you master the process of relationships, you are able to create relationships that result in healing, growth and transformation. This is where the magic lies. This is what The Pathway to Love is all about.

If you have not checked out The Pathway to Love program, I strongly encourage you to do so today. My life's work is about creating a process, a pathway that allows you to work through any issues that arise in your relationship so that you and your partner become more connected, not less. The program includes:

The Pathway to Love book will teach you about all the challenges and opportunities in the four phases of a developing relationship, helping you identify which phase you’re in right now, and illustrating how couples evolve their relationships to greater levels of intimacy. 

The Pathway to Love Workbook will take you, step by step, through a series of questions and reflections that you can do on your own or with your loved one that will move you from your “stuck” state of conflict to resolution and understanding. You’ll have an opportunity to deeply explore your true fears and desires and to learn things about your partner you’ve never known before. You’ll feel your love and trust build with every exercise and question.

The Pathway to Love Audio Guide is a candid recording of real sessions with real clients as they work with me to move through their specific struggles. You’ll hear me advise a woman who is distraught over a boyfriend who stops returning calls, help a wife and mother decide whether to stay married after her husband had an affair, and offer guidance to a couple who can’t seem to agree on how much closeness and affection is enough. By listening to these real sessions, you’ll see The Pathway to Love program “in action” and be able to apply the core lessons to your own situation.

The Pathway to Love program will also enable you to:

  • Go from struggle, fighting and disappointment to feeling deeper love, deeper trust, and more security in your relationship
  • Explore the truth about yourself and your partner so you can fully accept yourself and your partner and stop feeling “triggered”
  • Redefine, reignite, and breathe new life into your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together or how much distance you’re feeling now
  • Create the right conditions from which you and your partner can heal, grow, and transform

To read more and order your copy today, please visit www.julieorlov.com/tptl 

You deserve to have a relationship based on mutual respect, love and intimacy. So do something for yourself and the people you love. Create intimacy and transform your relationships through self-discovery and discovery of others. You won't regret it.

Be well,


P.S. If you are someone you know wants to create strong and intimate relationships in every area of your life, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to help. I provide personalized guidance and coaching. And if you want to start right now, go and purchase The Pathway to Love at-home program. You don’t need to wait. You can begin the process today. Take advantage of the opportunity receive the support and guidance you deserve.

Julie Orlov, psychotherapist, speaker, and author of The Pathway to Love: Create Intimacy and Transform Your Relationships through Self-Discovery

Retrieve Your FREE Relationship Assessment Quiz and see if YOUR Relationship is on track at www.julieorlov.com/quiz

Create Relationships in Your Life That Work — learn more at www.julieorlov.com

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How Do You Give?

People come in all different shapes and sizes when it comes to giving. Some people give generously while others give sparingly. Wherever you lie on the continuum, giving triggers a lot of things for people. You need to grapple with your fears, judgments, need for control, pursuits of power, and unresolved issues and feelings within your relationships.
We all need each other and at times our needs are more desperate than others. We all know what it is like to ask a friend for a favor, a family member to help with a family crisis, or a loved one to help out financially. At one time or another we all need someone's help--we all know what it means to "ask."
My question today, is not about how you ask, but rather how you respond to the asking. Do you say yes but secretly resent it? Do you say yes with strings attached? Do you say no for the sake of revenge, punishment, or spite? Or do you say yes, and use the help as a means to punish, shame or control?
Most of us at one time or another have given to others in a way that makes us small. We become petty and fearful. Or worse yet, we become coniving--coniving in the sense that we use the opportunity to gain power and control at someone else's expense and usually when they are at their most vulnerable.
I know it is difficult for most people to see themselves in a negative light. But we all have a dark side. We all act in ways that are ugly from time to time. So if you recognize yourself in some of the questions above, don't run. This is your opportunity to find more peace and happiness. This is your opportunity to heal.
The next time someone asks you to give...

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Curing the Annoyance Blues  

One of the benefits of settling into a relationship is you are able to be your true selves with each other and experience each other as such. The downfall to this is that those behaviors that once seemed cute, now annoy you.  Those traits that you thought didn't exist, now show up. And since you feel more secure and able to express yourselves honestly, you are both less likely to hold back your true feelings, including your annoyances. We all know what it's like to be annoyed with others and have others be annoyed with us. Some of you may suffer from this ailment only every now and then while others may suffer from this ailment almost daily.

So, how can we cure the annoyance blues? To help mitigate this inevitable state of dis-ease, I'm offering a few things to consider and do.  Click Read in Browser to access full article.

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