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“Insightful, practical, heartfully and psychologically sound, The Pathway to Love provides the steppingstones to creating genuine love in your life.  It is a must-read for those who value honesty, authentic commitment to self and other, and appreciate relationship as a vehicle to self-actualization.”

—Michael Bernard Beckwith, author of Spiritual Liberation~Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


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You will wonder at times how she knew about you and a particular significant other because she seems to describe you and the relationship to a T. And, when you read the last page you will wish you had read it years and a number of relationships earlier.

Irene Conlan

I have read other books on this topic which spoke to me... This book, which I got in the Kindle version, pulled it all together for me--the biology, personal values, self identity, the human quest for belonging and intimacy. The book... brought to me great understanding. I wish I had ordered the paper version with the workbook. I ended up going back and ordering it.

Paula Markgraf Katz

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What Does It Mean to Take Full Responsibility for Your Feelings?

I often talk about how important it is to take full responsibility for your feelings as you create a solid foundation with another person. But what does this really mean? Does this mean that no one is ever responsible for saying or doing something that hurts your feelings? Well, the answer to that question is yes and no. Let me explain what I mean by setting up a scenario from which you can insert your own experience. Let’s say your romantic partner says something that hurts your feelings. Maybe she criticized the way you handle yourself professionally. Maybe he lied about what he was doing last night. Regardless of the words or deeds, you felt attacked, betrayed, belittled, or dismissed.

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Julie Orlov's Interview with James Rick 

Watch my interview on The Full Potential Show with James Rick on The Pathway to Love. It was a very fun interview via Skype with valuable information on how to apply The Pathway to Love into your life. Enjoy!

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How Do You Resist Being Vulnerable?

One of the most important factors to creating true intimacy is vulnerability. It is the main ingredient to moving from phase two to phase three in your developing relationship. By nature, we are vulnerable. It is part of the human condition. You don’t need to do anything to be vulnerable or create vulnerability. You always are, like it or not. The real challenge is in how to manage your resistance to your vulnerability—how does that resistance show up for you? Not an easy question to answer as most of the time we don’t even recognize that our reactions may be our own attempt to rebel against our vulnerability. Let me share a story about a client of mine. I think her story will help you see how this works in your own life.

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Throw Out Your Score Card!

It’s natural to compare and contrast. Our brains are designed to do just that and we’ve been trained since Kindergarten the value in comparing and contrasting. It’s a wonderful cognitive skill and serves us in many ways. The one area of our lives where it does not serve us as well is in our relationships. We can create unnecessary pain for our mates and ourselves when we start to compare. And if you don’t think you do this, consider the following thoughts. You probably have one of them or a version of one all your own.

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A Lesson from Good Customer Service 

For those of you that don’t know me well, I have a background in Organizational Development and Training which means that I have consulted, coached, and trained employees and managers on various topics, including leadership and management, change management, team development, communication, and customer service. I recently had an unpleasant experience with a business owner with whom I had contracted for some media development work. I had concerns about some discrepancies between what was promised and what was being delivered. From a customer service perspective, this gentleman broke all the rules to providing excellent customer service and resolving customer complaints. He never engaged in a conversation about my concerns, decided that my complaining was more problematic for him as opposed to me, and wanted me and my concerns to simply go away, end of story. And while he chose not to take advantage of an opportunity to learn something valuable (about himself and his business), I thought I’d use the experience as a means to demonstrate how customer service principles apply to all relationships. There are three basic rules to customer service. These are:

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